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New Doctor Who in America
9 April 2010

So we’re back in the States, which is great, playing shows and all that, always a pleasure, never a chore. But here’s the thing. The brand new, long awaited, much anticipated (by some of us) series of Doctor Who started on Saturday in the UK, and here’s us away and missing it. Do i have the patience to wait till i get home? Do i have the patience to wait till it airs in the US? Neither i’m afraid, but with the aid of modern technology, we managed to download it on Saturday night, and still have a new Who Saturday, even though we were in the states. Fantastic it was too, well worth staying up till 3am watching it after it took forever (well.. a few hours) to download. So good it was (Matt Smith was amazing as the Doctor wasn’t he? Great debut, and Amy Pond, oh, Amy Pond was great as well. And the TARDIS, oooh, didn’t it look all amazing when it fixed itself right up at the end (Tracyanne didn’t understand how i could describe it as sexy, but i meant like an old classic car can be, and not like a person, i’m not that mental). It was so good, that Kenny and I watched it again on our day off on the big telly in the hotel. It looked even better in Big (cheers HDMI).

So Saturdays can be as look forward to-able here as they are at home.

The Stephen Moffat Era of Doctor Who has started, and i for one am very excited.

Bronze Fonz
29 November 2009

Hello, having realised that i haven’t actually blogged yet (woops) i thought that was something i should rememdy now. so i am currently sitting in the back lounge of the tourbus on the way to Chicago for a day off. Everyone else is still sleeping, but i’m up cause i find it impossible to sleep when the bus is moving, and moving it currently is. last night was Milwaukee, which was exciting for us for a whole host of reasons, not in the least cause we’d never played there before, but also cause we grew up with Happy Days and Tracyanne is a massive fan of Laverne and Shirley (she even has the board game). So it was with some excitement that she got her picture taken with the Bronze Fonz. Now that is a statue and a half. Its up there with the Rocky Balboa statue that was in Philly, but the people actually want it there, rather than it just being left after a filming cause, “I thought you’d appreciate it” then people didn;t seem to appreciate it and it got removed, poor old rocky (still need to run up those steps one of these days). So anyway, we really enjoyed the show, the crowd were lovely, and as well as our currrent support Papercuts, we were joined on the bill by our summer tour support Agent Ribbons and their Auntie Lisa, which was great. Its nice when bands that have supported us in the past happen to be passing by on tour too and can make a show, either playing with us again or just hanging out. Its a bit like when old companions re-appear in Doctor Who. Fantastic! Anyway, whilst i’m wittering away, last night’s guest list was jam packed, normally we wouldn’t go printing up the guest list, but it was so exciting last night we feel obligated to put it in print for posterity:

Mr C
Marion Cunningham
Richie Cunningham +1
Joanie + Chachi
Fonz +10
Pottsy (not the guy from Monaco)
Ralph Malph
Pinkie Tuscadero
Laverne and Shirley +2

You should have seen who came to see us in Dallas.

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